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This is the last assignment of the subject "music for the cinema" taught by the composer Ivan Capillas at the Master's. It is the whole replacement of the music and also the music narrative explanation and the cue sheet, which I am attaching below.

Once again I tried to improve the dialogues and sounds from the film but I did not have access to the independent original recordings so I did not have a chance to do much. Luckily, they sound better than the ones in the film "El Camino". Now I have started a subject about postproduction and I hope to learn and practice on it with individual files. I will keep you up on date about that.

Now here is the video with my music. I have been access to the video by Ivan Capillas, who is the composer of the released original short film, so I do not own any images at all. I have added the Spanish subtitles so some of my friends can understand the story too:

Here are the explanation of characters, themes and cue sheet:

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